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We all know Customer Satisfaction is important to every single business. Policies for your business often are designed to ensure that you have repeat customers, who also tell their family and friends about your business. After all, it costs 6-8 times more to attract new customers than retain existing ones.

However, many times the policies you have in place for Customer Satisfaction, even if followed, don’t actually make the customer happy. So when are your policies actually driving away your customers?

You likely have reviews you track, in-person feedback, maybe phone calls, surveys or comment forms, right? But a study discovered that 96% of unhappy customers never complain. For every one customer you have who speaks up if they’re unhappy, 26 others simply take their business elsewhere… and worse, they tell on average 15 other people about their negative experience with you. Painful.

When you factor in those numbers, it becomes apparent that you need much better ways to not only ensure that your Customer Satisfaction policies are followed, but that you’re capturing much more feedback from your customers in order to know if the policies you have in place contribute or even possibly detract from their positive experiences. Especially if you have multiple stores, being able to narrow down which regions, individual stores or even employees are high performers or detractors, goes a long way towards ensuring that you’re not having money walk out the door, literally.

Training programs for employees cost you money, and if you’re training your employees in a method that doesn’t work, you’re not only losing customers but ensuring that you’ll keep losing them, no matter how closely your employees follow their job requirements. So how do you fix to make sure that not only are your customers happy, but that you’re training your employees in a way that keeps them happy? How do you pinpoint, in real-time, areas of concern?

Secret Shopper programs aren’t just about sending people in to shop for free just to test your employees – they’re about getting a real insider look into how your business performs when you’re not there, as well as implementing customer feedback technology to make sure you’re not missing revenue-draining flaws in your policies… if your employees are even following them. On top of that, having a simple, intuitive platform with reports in real-time that let you drill down to specific details about regions, individual stores, and even individual shopper experiences.

With our roots in private investigations, we have just about any tool, method and skills necessary to get you the answers to anything you need to help your business. You may even discover things you never thought to look for, such as our large grocery store chain client Pyramid Foods who hired us to check in on their customer service, only to learn that missed items in the bottom of the carts were costing them approximately $100,000 per year in each of their larger stores. You may find that your salespeople simply point people to the right aisle, rather than taking the customer there themselves and helping ensure a sale by discussing the items with potential customers.

Take your revenue back into your hands by getting a true, technologically-advanced method in place to find out how your business is really doing so you aren’t losing out on more repeat customers, word-of-mouth referrals, continuing ineffective training methods, or worse, having employees who cost you business every day.

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