Professional Shopping Services

Includes extensive and customizable reporting that will improve your Customer Service and Sales Performance!
JM Ridgway can offer you the following services:

• Customer Service and Sales Performance Mystery Shops
– video and recorded phone shops available
• Integrity Mystery Shops
• Undercover Operatives
• Background Checks
• Workers Comp Fraud
• Video Surveillance / written report included
• ALL investigations needed
• Video Shops

Management Reporting

Featuring SASSIE, the world’s premier Mystery Shopping System.
View this brief video for an overview of the SASSIE Reporting System and how our customizable shopping and reporting solutions can help your business improve Customer Service and Increase Sales.
JM Ridgway’s Customer Research information and marketing insights help you make better decisions thereby helping to grow and improve your business. We are offering our clients as an ALL NEW and BETTER reporting program, called SASSIE.

SASSIE offers everything and more online, which includes: Surveys, Graphs, Charts, Graphing, Trending and a whole lot More.

The SASSIE system allows our clients to download a survey via e-mail, PDF and Excel formats, which include the ability to download Excel formatted scoring Charts, etc.

Our Clients also have the option of creating different surveys for different types of shops, taking advantage of the ability to merge the multiple surveys into one Chart or Graph, using a tool that we will be offering called a “Cross Survey Reporting Module”.

If you would like more information on how we can benefit your business, please contact Scott Ridgway by emailing him at or calling toll-free at 415-264-9517.