Emotion plays a significant role when it comes to driving sales. Companies need to be particular with what emotions they use for their brand’s image because customer impressions can make or break the relationship between the client and the service provider.

The development of mystery shopping strategies has evolved to accommodate the needs of modern mystery shoppers. By creating a data-driven simulation of your customers’ actual emotional response in using your brand, you can improve the various features and functions of your service quality.

Measuring customer satisfaction

Companies primarily used mystery shopping research methods to manage staff and employees’ interactions with the brand. Paid consumers or mystery shoppers investigate stores to collect subjective data in evaluating the company staff’s response toward customers.

It aims to determine which areas of their service you need to improve. It can range anything from shop interiors to staff politeness, which considers both objective and subjective categories for assessment. Although customer preference can boil down to likes and dislikes, you can use digitized data and indicators to home in on particular areas for improvement.

Its assessment protocols include a selection of evaluation criteria, including politeness, competence, emotional perception, and the ability to respond to focus questions to address the customers’ needs. With hired shoppers to act as consumers, company managers can measure whether or not their business is delivering its intended positive customer experience.

Countering lying indexes

Although mystery shopping research data can be an effective way to collect staff responses, studies reveal that what a person claims can be different from the actual scenario. The nature of the test measures subjective responses, so it can be challenging to get accurate subjective results.

A mystery shopper might not approve of your business practices when the reality is that their reasoning is due to your high service rates. The good thing is that mystery shopping methods allow you to compare lying indexes to real action through objective facts by asking shoppers to fill up questionnaires. The addition of this analytical component checks the subjective assessment of your clients.

Modernizing mystery shopping research methods

Companies need to comply with the different changes in trends and behavior that their customers develop. For example, many consumers are leaning more toward using brands that have digital platforms to conduct their transactions. The customers’ expectations must match the business’s features to improve their confidence in relying on your service.

Mystery shopping is an effective way of curating a comparative analysis of data to measure customer satisfaction. Similar to the development of digital tools to help business owners optimize their organizational workflow, additional techniques, such as social media analysis, have been applied to the research method. The progression of mystery shopping studies by combining traditional practices with modern platforms allows businesses to explore better ways of measuring their performance as a brand.


Communication plays a pivotal role in a business’s success in converting and keep its customers. As a business owner, you need to make sure that your brand’s message is delivered properly from your advertising campaigns down to your customer help desk respondents. The key to ensuring your company’s growth is by being informed of the different strategies and methods that you can use in verifying, evaluating, and improving your business models.

If you need to hire a mystery shopper company in the US to assess your business’s performance, you need to make sure that you choose from a reliable service that has a credible portfolio. JM Ridgway has over 95 years of experience in providing third-party feedback through mystery shopper services since 1924. Get a free consultation from us today to know how to put your business efforts in the right direction!

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