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In Response to Covid-19

JM Ridgway believes that if we all exercise some common sense, and not panic that we will get through this virus and end up being stronger people for it. It has been falsely reported on platforms that we are advocating travel to get our mystery shops done. This is not accurate and we would never advocate this.

We have a percentage of our clients who are still operating, some in a reduced capacity, some full steam ahead and want our service. We don’t want, nor are advocating, or asking anybody to do anything they don’t feel comfortable doing.

This has always been in place at our company, and always will be. Stay strong, as we are all in this together.
– JM Ridgway

Since 1924

We help with Customer Service and Loss Prevention for our clients

As a result, our Mystery Shopping Services improve the quality and effectiveness of your sales and customer service.

Full Coverage

Customer service and sales performance mystery shops including undercover operatives, background checks, workers comp fraud, and more.

Over 95 Years

JM Ridgway has been specializing in providing professional 3rd party feedback through mystery shopper services since 1924 and has been handed down for generations.

Management Reporting

Customizable shopping and reporting solutions can help your business improve Customer Service and Increase Sales.

JM Ridgway offers a history of results providing services, most noteworthy, professional shopping services – which can increase your customer loyalty, improve your competitive positioning and finally increase your employee productivity.


Also, as a mystery shopper company, we’ve assisted many multisite retail and service industry companies in motivating their employees to improve service performance, resulting in elevated gross sales, reduced overhead and finally increased profits.

So by combining your specific objectives, our field experience gathering customer service data through surveys, unannounced service evaluations, (Mystery Shopping), and “real-time” reporting solutions, you will gain a better perspective of your company and in conclusion your customers’ perspective!

Most of all, getting the right information at the right time is imperative to your business success. Therefore, by improving your company’s overall customer loyalty and productivity, you will benefit from the selection of services JM Ridgway has to offer.

Profit-Focused Mystery Shopping Services

Mystery Shopping Services Designed with One Goal –
To Increase Profits for our Clients

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