Shopper Resources

For current and new Mystery Shoppers
Once you agree to our NEW SHOPPER TERMS & AGREEMENTS, you will be redirected to our JM Ridgway account at SASSIE, you will therefore be registering to JM RIDGWAY through SASSIE. If you are already registered at SASSIE, that simply means you are registered to another MS Company through SASSIE. When you go to the link to register you will see ‘JMRidgway – SHOPPER SIGN UP FORM’ at the top of the page, thus you MUST create a NEW account if you would like to be registered in our database of available shoppers.

AFTER you have registered at JM Ridgway, through SASSIE, our schedulers will then have the opportunity to either contact you right away for an immediate assignment offer; or if your not contacted right away, we will be able to contact you in the future when the need arises.

Available Mystery Shopping Opportunities

Current Shoppers
Shopper overview and agreement revised 8/1/2018. Please log in and refer to your SASSIE Shop log, and SASSIE Job Board.

New Shoppers
Please begin the New Shopper Application process by reviewing our important Fraud Alert information.
You will need to read all the information & agreements, following the “Links” to get to the to the New Shopper Application, that will then allow you to refer to your SASSIE Shop log, and SASSIE Job Board.

Please Note
We offer hundreds of shops every month all over the country however, we do not post all of our jobs on the job board. If you do not see a job on the job board, you can always write to our schedulers ( –, identifying where you live, to allow them to see if they have any non-posted jobs in your area.

Can’t remember your shopper password?
Go to our Password reminder site, enter your e-mail address, click the “GO” button, check your e-mail. {you should receive an e-mail message regarding your query within 30 minutes of your request} {please be sure to check your Spam email folders} Thank you.