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“We have been using JM Ridgway for our mystery shopping needs for several years and have found them to be a consistent and professional company to work with. The shopping reports submitted to us are comprehensive and delivered in a timely manner. In the rare case when an issue arises, they are quick to address it and make any necessary amends. It has been my pleasure to work with JM Ridgway and I have little doubt that we will continue to use their service for several years to come.”

Mike Culver

Marketing Manager, Edward Rose & Sons

Pyramid Foods

Our company saw need for a better measurement for customer satisfaction. We have in place an opportunity for customers to contact us via e-mail with issues but did not feel that this was giving us a fair evaluation of every day service opportunities.

Early in 2014 we contacted several mystery shopper services. After a vetting process, we selected Ridgeway for this service.

We started by having shops done at 12 of our locations near our corporate office. We quickly expanded the shops to all our stores.

We have been pleased with the results and have found many short comings due to having these shops done. One that was a surprise to us was our failure rate with “Bottom of Buggy” (BOB) items not being rang up. The amount of money that we estimated that was going out the door without being paid for was staggering. This has become a top priority to correct for our company. While we are still not 100% we have improved in this area greatly. Based on our customer count and the dollar amount leaving the stores under the carts we estimated that annually as much as $100,000 per store could be leaving without being paid for in our larger stores.

This was an unexpected benefit of the shopper service since our primary reason for starting it was to improve customer satisfaction. Improvements in correcting this one behavior has far exceeded the expense of the program. Customer satisfaction has also improved which was our original objective.

Both Scott and Frank have been great to work with and have accommodated any request that we have made.

I recommend their company without hesitation and look forward to a long-term continued relationship with Ridgeway.

Ron Calton

Vice President, Pyramid Foods (RPCS, Inc.)

Kona IceI am writing to recommend the services provided by JM Ridgway Co. Kona Ice, Inc. and JM Ridgway Co., Inc. have worked together for the past 3 years. When we first started working together it was new ground for both us. Kona Ice had never worked with a secret/mystery shopper company before and JM Ridgway was new to the mobile industry. Trying to locate a mobile business is not an easy task. JM Ridgway has done a great job at overcoming the obstacles and getting us the results that we need.

I’m happy to recommend the services of JM Ridgway. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 859-282-3203 or email me at taryn@kona-ice.com.

Taryn Godman

Kona Ice

Westport Properties, Inc.

We have been with the JM Ridgway Co Inc. for several years and find them very easy to work with, flexible and responsive.

We are a nationwide company and we use their services to check on the customer service our customers receive from our employees. They have allowed us to customize the checklist that their shoppers use to evaluate our employees.

If you are thinking of using a company to “Secret Shop” your stores then we recommend JM Ridgway.

Steve Perez

Operations, Westport Properties

Additional Referrals are available upon request
Please contact Scott Ridgway by emailing him at sr@jmridgway.com or calling toll-free at 844-886-1487.


A multi-billion dollar retailer and manufacturer:
The strategic sales objective of this company is to increase sales per employee within company-owned stores. Their goal is to train their employees to be SALES ASSOCIATES, rather than clerks who simply ring up orders. This client also believes that customers appreciate a business where employees have been trained.

More specifically they utilize our services to:
• Verify knowledge and sales abilities of their Sales Associates
• Revise and adjust sales and service training
• Evaluate performance of their employees

A food and beverage retailer
This Ridgway client is in a business where there is the potential of a great deal of repeat business. They know that if they are able to establish and maintain high service standards and customers are treated well, these customers will keep returning.

We helped them objectively define what excellent service would look like for their business. We also assisted them in developing a way to measure the level of desired service through a point scale designed around the success factors specific for their business.

In addition, JM Ridgway Professional Shoppers visit their stores on a regular basis to:
• Ensure continual high-quality service
• Determine if their customer service training is producing desired results
• Verify if employees are conforming to company policies including the
purchasing of alcoholic beverages
• Produce ongoing management information

They utilize our services to:
• Confirm their Travel Counselors are gaining the trust of their prospects
• Verify the counselors are in fact asking for the order
• Revise and adjust training and re-training sessions
• Measure progress by individual office and for the company overall


A Specialty Regional Retailer
This client’s motto is “Treat a customer right and you will earn a customer for life!” This company’s experience is that satisfied customers tell others of their positive experiences, which helps drive their business.

Our client’s management uses our monthly research reports to:
• Evaluate performance of individual stores
• Gauge effectiveness of satisfying customer needs the first time they enter
the store
• Evaluate the effectiveness of their Sales Associates
• Track month-to-month progress levels of their customer service program
and overall competitiveness


Major League Sporting Franchise
Our client’s goal is to foster and develop good attitude employees. They utilize our services to identify and reward good employees based on the results of our Game day Reports.

On a monthly basis, our client has their top-rated employees appear on the playing field before a Saturday game to be recognized by the stadium announcer for their superior job performance.

High-end National Specialty Retailer
This client’s goal is to help ensure that their most valuable employees feel appreciated and stay with them.

Our research information identifies whom they want to retain. They also conduct regular employee reviews where they communicate and stress the POSITIVE aspects of the information from our research.

As a result, employee turnover has substantially decreased.

A Regional Transportation Company
This client’s goal is to improve their customer service and insure customer safety by having us ride their buses.

They utilize our services to provide timely information regarding ‘on time’ pick up and drop off at their bus stops and with information regarding adherence to company safety/operational policies and state driving laws. Additionally this client provides services to disabled people and we are asked to provide riders using a wheelchair.

High-end National Grocer
This client’s goal is to develop a positive work environment conducive to fostering stellar employee performance.

They utilize our services to help ensure that the work environment is safe, healthy and pleasant for both employees and customers.

Our client tells us their employees smile because they enjoy their work, not because they are told to!

Industry Leader, National Retailer
Goal is to remain the industry leader and maintain their competitive positioning.

They utilize our services to successfully determine trends by store and region through monthly performance scores and evaluate level of personalized service, particularly with their large number of regular customers.

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