Mystery shopping has now become an important development tool for a lot of companies today. The idea behind mystery shopping is not to catch employees doing something wrong; instead, it’s about catching them doing things right.

One-to-One In Person

The best way to discuss the reports of a mystery shopper with your employees is to do it in person and one-to-one. This is more important is a particular employee didn’t score well—discussing it in private will make your employee feel more comfortable. Use this time to discuss ways to improve their score and deliver better customer experience.

Send an Email

Usually, a mystery shopper company will email you their results. You can also use this method to discuss with your employees their scores. Using email is an ideal option especially if there are several employees involved. You can email the report and highlight the positive and negative areas of their performance based on the report. Make sure to provide recommendations on how the employee can improve their performance.

Use Staff Meetings

In some cases, you might find that poor performance is not only coming from one employee but from a number of employees in various departments. Therefore, it would be more efficient to hold a staff meeting to discuss these mystery shopping reports. After the discussion of reports, you and the people in the meeting can brainstorm ideas to improve customer service and create a new goal.

Do It at Company Events

Now, company events are the best place to recognize employees’ positive performance. If you’re going to discuss mystery shopping reports in a positive light, do it at company events. This way, your employees will feel more appreciated, while others will feel more motivated to work better on their performance.


Mystery shopping reports don’t apply to regular employees only, instead, you should also discuss it with new employees during their training. Use this time to explain to them why your company hires mystery shoppers and your expectations from them.

When you have discussed the reports to your employees, it’s time to use them to your advantage. Use the reports to coach them on how they can be better at their jobs. Another thing that you can do is to use mystery shopping as a training tool. It will also help you identify best practices from excellent shop results and eventually, you can share those practices across the company. The reports will also allow you to improve your standard operating procedures at work.


There’s no wonder why a lot of companies, specifically the ones in the retail industry, hire a mystery shopper. It’s because the results from it are actionable data that can help improve employees’ performance. And when the performance of an employee improves, it will impact other aspects of the business as well, such as customer service.

In the world of retail, delivering excellent customer service is vital. If you want your employees to excel, consider a mystery shopper to help you out.

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