Businesses left and right have been utilizing mystery shopping as a strategic way to collect data such as employee performance, quality of products or services, and see the store experience you offer from a customer’s perspective. 

Mystery shopping is an excellent source of rich information. It provides valuable insight using feedback, graphs, charts, and detailed responses in surveys that can fill any gaps in your system and areas that need improvement. It’s primary impact, however, is to boost employee engagement.

Now that you have the reports from your mystery shopping experience, the tips below should help you deliver it to your employees effectively to put them on the right track to success: 

Tip #1: Open Forum Staff Meetings 

Establishing open forum meetings with your staff encourages everyone to feel at ease discussing mystery shopping reports. It helps create a friendly and supportive atmosphere that encourages staff members to listen to each other’s performances.

Evaluating the results as a team also unveils challenges that are by multiple employees, which makes it easier to brainstorm as a group to create an actionable solution. 

Tip #2: One-on-One and In-Person Discussions 

Candidly discussing the results as a group can be an effective way to promote teamwork and reveal your team’s everyday difficulties. Still, some topics are better off talking about behind doors. 

For instance, poor employee performance is best-discussed one-on-one and in-person to ensure your staff feels comfortable as you two work together to turn weaknesses into strengths. Not to mention, giving them privacy also protects their morale and creates a safe environment where they can feel free to verbalize their concerns. 

Tip #3: Share the Report Online 

Beyond employee performances, mystery shopping also clues you in on the effectiveness of your products and services. It reveals real perspectives on your business, which is why it’s good to share these reports with your team using either a company-wide email chain, online portal, or internal social media pages. 

Giving your employees access to the in-depth findings of your mystery shopping experience helps them visualize any areas that need a boost, soliciting ideas that can improve customer experience. It also ensures your team is on the loop and engaged every step of your way to building a stronger brand image and service quality.

Tip #4: Internal Campaign Meetings 

Establishing an internal campaign meeting not only discusses your reports as a team, but it can help everyone see the impact of their performance per district or location. Giving rewards and recognition where it’s due provides an incentive to work better and smarter as a team, all while creating friendly competition across the board. 

The Bottom Line 

It’s an open secret for all companies and their staff, but it’s effective nonetheless. Working with professional companies that provide mystery shoppers lets you see the impact of your business from every angle, especially when it comes to evaluating your employees’ behavior on the job.

If you’re looking for a reliable mystery shopper company for hire in California, we’re your best option. Contact us today at 844-886-1487 to see how we can help improve your business! 

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