Shopper FAQ

Shopper Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) How do I apply for jobs?
For our New Shopper Application please first click here for our Fraud Alert, then review our Shopper Application Overview

2) Can I find opportunities on this site?
Yes, current JM Ridgway Shoppers can log in to their SASSIE acount, and new shoppers should begin the application process here.

3) How do I get paid?
Deposits are made to your Paypal account between the 30th day and the 45th day after completion of a shop. For example, if you completed your shop(s) on June 15, your payment will be deposited on or before July 30th. All shoppers are paid in order of shop date. Keep track of your shops by shop date so that you easily reconcile payments versus your shop(s). DO NOT GO BY YOUR SHOP LOG FOR PAYMENT DATE. You may refer back to the compensation section of the overview for reasons why not to do this.

If you don’t receive your deposit by the 45th day after the shop has been completed, please email the following information to Frank Kneisley at

1. Full Name      2. Name of Shops Completed      3. Date Shops Were Completed

4) What happens if I am approached by someone in a store I am shopping and am asked if I am a mystery shopper?
Always play it off and say you don’t know what the person is talking about.

5) Who should I contact if I have questions about my assignment?
Your assigner ONLY. If you do not get a response within 24 hours, weekends not included, email Frank Kneisley at

6) What should I do if I miss my assigned shop date or can’t do an assignment?
Let your assigner know and include a date that you can complete the shop, if possible.

7) What happens if I show up and the store is closed?
Submit your report with date(s) and time(s) and you will be paid as long as you performed your shop within the date and time frame you were instructed. If you performed your shop outside the timeframe instructed, do not submit a report, and contact your assigner.

8) Can I take my husband, wife, child or friend on the shop?
If it is not designated on the overview, contact your assigner for approval.

9) If I can’t do the shop can I have someone do the shop in my place?
Not without prior approval from your assigner. Contact your assigner.