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JM Ridgway offers a history of results providing services including - professional shopping services - which can increase your customer loyalty, improve your competitive positioning and increase your employee productivity.

We've assisted many multisite retail and service industry companies in motivating their employees to improve service performance, resulting in elevated gross sales, reduced overhead and increased profits

By combining your specific objectives, our field experience gathering customer service data through surveys, unannounced service evaluations, (Mystery Shopping), and "real-time" reporting solutions, you will gain a better perspective of your company - your customers' perspective!

The right information at the right time is imperative to your business' success. By improving your company's overall customer loyalty and productivity, you will benefit from the selection of services JM Ridgway has to offer.
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Customer Satisfaction

In today's uncertain economy, we are all trying to improve our bottom-line. This should not mean sacrificing your customer service.

Statistics reveal 8 out of 10 customers who receive poor service will not communicate their experience with the merchant and will never visit that business again!

On the other hand, consumers will return to the businesses in which they felt their patronage was most valued. Individual attention, friendly, professional and knowledgeable information, all combined with efficient service are contributing factors to retaining customer loyalty and satisfaction.
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JM Ridgway is a customer service and loss prevention firm who provides their clients with Mystery Shop and Direct Customer Feedback services.

JM Ridgway can offer you the following services:
  • Customer Service and Sales Performance Mystery Shops - video and recorded phone shops available
  • Direct Customer Feedback programs through the use of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Web Response programs - gain feedback from your customers and employees
  • Integrity Mystery Shops
  • Undercover operatives
  • Background checks
  • Workers comp fraud
  • Video surveilance / written report included
  • ALL investigations needed
  • Video shops

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