Shopper Information and Agreement

Please carefully read this prior to completing the application.
We suggest you print this out so that you have it at your side when completing the shopper report.


All shoppers must be 18 years of age or older, NO EXCEPTIONS!
•  WARNING!!!! You may take someone with you on the shop, however if your shop is affected in a negative manner because someone who accompanied you on the shop distracted you, ie: a child and our client disputes your reporting and ultimately decides not to pay us, you will not be paid. It is your responsibility to control this.
•  Shopper agrees not to accept any assignments if shopper has association to client through family (blood or marriage), current or past employment. Also, you can not perform any shops at a property that you live at.
•  All shoppers who perform for us do so as an independent contractor. You may shop for any company you wish.
•  JM Ridgway is under no obligation to provide independent contractors with any work. JM Ridgway employs a 2 strike policy on all mystery shops. If you fail to meet two deadlines, you will likely be deactivated from our system. Deactivation can be done by any staff member of JM Ridgway. Additionally, JM Ridgway employs independent contractors to schedule their shops. Those independent schedulers also reserve the right to utilize who they choose. NOTE: Abusive and threatening language will not be tolerated for any reason. If you choose to use abusive and threatening language in any shopping reports or emails to anyone associated with JM Ridgway, you will be immediately deactivated from our system and not allowed to perform any further shops for our company ever again. We expect everyone that we work with to conduct themselves in a thoroughly professional manner at all times.
•  NOTE REGARDING CITATIONS IN SASSIE: We use a citation system to note shoppers profiles when they miss a deadline. This means you may receive a citation if you fail to meet a deadline. We always give any shoppers at least a 2nd chance if they miss a deadline. It does not matter what the excuse is, your profile will be updated with a citation if you miss a shop. If it happens a 2nd time, we may deactivate you from doing further shops for us.


Shopper agrees to assume all risk of injury to their property or to themselves in the performance of any assignment with JM Ridgway. Shopper agrees to waive all claims against JM Ridgway and/or their clients for any damage to their property and/or all mental or physical injury to themselves and agrees to indemnify and hold JM Ridgway and their clients harmless for any such damage. Further, shopper assumes all responsibility for their actions, whether verbal or physical, on any property they are shopping for JM Ridgway, and agrees to waive all claims against JM Ridgway and/or their clients for their actions whether verbal or physical.


1) Shoppers must always review the shop survey and all instructions prior to performing the shop. ALERT: You are responsible for following the guidelines to the letter. This includes reviewing the guidelines the day of your shop. Clients change things all the time, sometimes we have to change the guidelines in between the time you 1st read them and you perform your shop. So you must re-read the guidelines the day of your shop so that you catch any changes that are made.

2) Submission of any shop survey is due within 24 hours after completion of shop unless prior approval is granted. If you do not submit your survey within 24 hours after completion of shop we may re-assign your shop with no notice given to you thus no payment will be made.

3) VERY IMPORTANT!! If you are given a shop OR self assign yourself a shop to do and the due date is the last day of the month, you MUST submit the survey by 8am the following day (1st day of new month) or your shop may be re-assigned to someone else for immediate completion. We need all shops done on the last day submitted at the latest by 8am the following day.

4) You may also use the Blank Report for taking notes after completing your shop.

5) When you are ready to submit the survey, hit the submit button one time only. After you submit your survey, you will be taken to a confirmation page that confirms your survey has been sent to us. Be patient, it may take a few seconds. Shoppers must save a copy of this confirmation page either by printing a copy or copying and pasting the confirmation page to a document type file. For submission errors or problems, read the following:

a) It is highly recommended you utilize either the Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox Browser. By doing so will allow you to properly receive a confirmation page when you submit the survey.

b) Some Shoppers using AOL, WebTV, or certain other Internet Service Providers may receive an error (“Page cannot be displayed”) when they click the “Submit” button. If you receive an error page rather than a confirmation page please do the following:

c) Do not resubmit the report unless otherwise instructed by a JM Ridgway Staff member.

d) Email your scheduler, stating you attempted to submit your survey but received an error. Someone will email you back that we either received it or would like you to try resubmitting. Include the store #, city & state of shop location and date of your shop when contacting your scheduler.

e) If you receive any error page (with exception to “page cannot be displayed error”), please read the entire error page. It will instruct you as to why your survey cannot be submitted. You may have left a field blank, entered the time or date incorrectly, etc. (generally you will get the word “oops” and that means you have not filled out every item on your survey) Once you have read the error page and discovered the problem, click the Back button and correct the error. After the error is corrected you should be able to submit the survey.



Shopper agrees not to duplicate or disseminate any of JM Ridgway materials for purposes other than its intended use of satisfying the provisions of the assignment and agrees to keep all information obtained during a shop confidential between shopper and JM Ridgway. Shopper is prohibited from sharing names and companies of JM Ridgway clients being shopped for. Shopper may not contact Ridgway client directly for any reason. Violation of this matter is strictly forbidden and will result in termination and can result in legal proceedings.


1) Unless otherwise instructed by a staff member or written instructions, surveys submitted using the SASSIE reporting system do not require an invoice unless requested by JM Ridgway staff. The SASSIE survey itself acts as the invoice.

2) Shopper agrees to keep a master and make copies of report and invoice forms for future assignments.

3) Shopper is required to make copies of receipts obtained during shop(s) and keep them until compensation received. Shopper may be contacted for information off of a receipt which needs to be on the survey.


Most of our clients have video cameras in their locations. Many of our clients audit the validity of our Mystery Shopping Reports by comparing the video of the visit with the report they receive. Therefore it is vital that your report be an HONEST & ACCURATE evaluation of the events. Most of our clients also review these reports with the people shopped. Further, most of our clients give awards and rewards for superior levels of performance, and constructive criticism to those of lesser performance levels. Follow the instructions on the Overview, and do not rush through your visit just to collect the fee. You are dealing with the jobs and lives of these people you shop, always remember that.

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I Agree and Fully Accept the Above Terms
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