In today’s competitive market where businesses compete for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as the main differentiator and has become an important element of business strategy. Pleasing the customer is always the top priority, right? Businesses want return customers. After all, it costs approximately six times more money to attract new customers than it does to keep existing customers coming back.

This is where Mystery Shopper services can be extremely beneficial for a business. A customer’s experience begins as soon as they step foot into a store, if not sooner. A storefront that is not aesthetically pleasing won’t draw people in. A storefront that doesn’t attract attention might lose customers before they even become one.

Customer satisfaction isn’t always about customer service. There are a lot of factors that contribute to the customer experience as a whole. Aesthetics, cleanliness, and product placement are just as important as customer service when it comes to loss prevention. With proper Mystery Shopper placement, these points can be observed and addressed in a professional and reliable way.

A few of the main benefits of hiring a Mystery Shopper Company are:

Trained Evaluators  

Mystery Shoppers help you see what the customer sees when they enter the store. They are trained to look for specifics that might be overlooked by the business owner or manager. They can identify areas where training will help improve employee performance and determine if said training has delivered the intended results.

Unbiased Research  

The data provided by a Mystery Shopper comes at the highest level of reliability because of their anonymity. Mystery Shoppers can identify the customers’ feelings about a product while measuring if incentive programs are having an impact.

Increased Company Productivity thru state of the art reporting

Information obtained by Mystery Shoppers comes first-hand and fast. They enter your environment as a regular customer and leave with the feedback you need to improve. JM Ridgway delivers these results quickly and easily using a top-of-the-line reporting program called SASSIE.

Build Brand Loyalty

Mystery shoppers can confirm if brand positioning and messaging is resonating correctly with customers and identify experiences throughout the customer journey where improvement may be needed.

Getting started with a Mystery Shopper company like JM Ridgway is easy! With regular inspections by our mystery shopper programs, you can increase productivity and flawlessly deliver on your brand promise. To contact us about hiring our Mystery Shopper services, visit our contact page or schedule a consultation.