Shopper Overview

-·- Shopper Application Overview -·-      Updated 8-20-2014
Completing an application is a 3-step process:
1. Read and accept the Overview. (below)
2. Read and accept the Information and Agreement page. (next page)
3. Complete and submit the Application. (final page)
Thank you for partnering with J. M. Ridgway (JMR herein) as a Mystery Shopper. Please read and adhere to all shopper guidelines and survey instructions to be assured payment for your mystery shops. Our shoppers and our clients are important to us. Each one of our surveys, are created in accordance with our clients’ needs and approval. If we do not fulfill our client’s needs, we do not get paid and in turn cannot pay for a shop that is not properly performed. We sincerely appreciate your efforts and professionalism.JMR has been in continuous operation since 1924. Our goal is to assist our clients in maintaining an excellent level of customer service through the development and/or maintenance of company policies and procedures.

It is important that our shoppers understand the need to pay attention to detail, follow our instructions, and be flexible in their schedules.

It is important to read all information regarding any assignment before performing the shop. You may be assigned specific dates and times to shop and you will be given a deadline date. Communication is vitally important in our line of work! Please contact your scheduler immediately if you:
•  Need to cancel or re-schedule a shop
•  Are having trouble with the reporting system or have any other questions regarding shop information
•  Are in doubt about anything.

When completing your shopping reports, be sure to be objective. Keep your answers relevant to the shop. Include only the facts! Don’t include personal opinions in your reporting unless the survey asks for it.

It is important to remember to keep the “mystery” in mystery shopping at all times. After your shop, be sure to complete your report as soon as you can, but well away from the store you shopped. We do reserve the right to replace your shop with no pay to you if you are spotted writing your report out either in or to near to the store. This doesn’t happen often but has in the past. If you need to take notes during a shop, ask to use the bathroom.

Your compensation varies according to the store and assignment. JMR reimburses for merchandise purchases, unless otherwise stated for specific assignments. JMR does not pay mileage or reimburse for fax, bridge tolls or other expenses without prior approval. All approved additional expenses do require an accompanying receipt.

JMR payments are processed within 45 days of the completion of your assignment. For example, if you completed your assignment on June 15, your payment will be processed on or before July 30th. Again that is when it is processed. Please allow 5-7 business days after that to allow for your check to arrive in the mail or payment to be made via your PayPal account. If check or PayPal payment has not been received by the 52nd day after your shop is completed, email the following information to Frank Kneisley at

•  Full name     •  Name of store(s) where shop(s) were completed     •  Date shops were completed

NOTE: For shoppers who accept payments thru PayPal, please be advised that your shop fee and the purchase reimbursement will be paid in 2 separate transactions. They will be coded as 826 for the fee and 827 for the purchase reimbursement.

NOTE: Please do not inquire about why your shop doesn’t show as paid in Sassie. It will be eventually. There are several reasons why they aren’t marked paid for awhile that we are not going to take the space or time to explain, nor is it necessary. Again, they will be eventually. Thank you.